Monday, August 23, 2004


The United States, the sly axis of evil, is using sly gimmicks to salvage its war torn economy. America needs foreigners to run its country that is incompetent on its own, hence it has always been called a land of immigrants; however, once those immigrants become long term citizens, they tend to conveniently forget that they were immigrants once too, and now start victimizing new immigrants in cheap, narrow minded, and arrogant ways; much to the glee of racist white americans, since it satiates the racism and the divide and rule attitudes inherent in the white man's blood.

Like vultures, americans prey on foreign nations that are in their own turmoils and troubles, sugar-caoting american policies of assistance with lofty but hollow promises. Their main motive is to suck out some more money and resources from unsuspecting foreign nations' peoples, impoverishing them even more and enriching america and only america in the process.

For earthly gods live in america, and the rest of the world is crowded with earthly sinful devils to suffer because of american policies and excrete their money and resources to america, for that is all the americans care about: money and resources, by hook or crook, by urine or shit. Post 9-11, with the american seat riders splashing around to save their ugly asses from sinking; american policies require foreigners to donate their finger prints at american consulates worldwide.

Many have, and are, and will naturally, rebel at this ugly one-sided nonsense and this will affect american economy that depends on foreign money, visitors, business-people, students, etc, who shell out huge and exhorbitant sums of hard-earned money from much devalued local currencies (another of america's and world bank's evil policies) to reach the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, that, in the final analysis, is just ain't worth it.

Slyly, americans are employing sexy seductive smiling females, who stand outside at the finger print counters at american consulates, and sexily grab the hands of the prospective visa customers to get their finger prints. It is obvious that america is unethically using unsuspecting sexy females locally, to lure seductively and make prospective visa customers easily overcome their uneasiness, at having to donate fingerprints for no fault of theirs, just to enter the much talked about kingdom of earthly gods in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The heat of the Sun, that does more work silently than all living beings put together, has slowly and steadily exposed that americans are the real criminals, culprits, ugly, bad, bullies, gangsters, and terrorists themselves, and the center of axis of evil is: america itself. However, evil intellect of the white man has yet again slithered like an ugly snake underneath, to engage in illegally twisting and manipulating the human word, to label the rest of the world as criminals; especially those who disagree and show the finger to the american policies.

Americans work hard to hide their criminal deeds through illegal manipulations of media and publications that mostly depicts the white men and the developed countries, such as america, as being righteous, correct and the earthly godly ones; with rest all humans from developing and other countries being depicted as wrong, incorrect, and terrorists, who must be corrected as per america's illegal, odd, and strange self-proclaimed standards and formulas, of what is right and what is wrong.